Gittin’ Gone

I Never Got High On My Own Supply – from the Nerd With Wound Collection

So I am heading East for good in about a week. I have literally been all over the place. I have done pretty close to 100 hotel nights this year already I think, but that is coming to an end thankfully. I got a beautiful little place in Harrison NJ near the PATH (I think I am the first tenant in that apartment.) I am excited because once I can get settled I can finally get on the mic and get this podcast going. I think I can do every other week pretty easily. I am sick of talking about and want to just do it. It is all that is left. Lord knows, the source material doesn’t seem to slow:

  • In poker parlance, being the generation between Baby Boomers and Millennials has very limited positive equity and has been pretty much negative EV the whole way. One of the few benefits of global warming is that there are sure to be enough ice floes for all of them, but I digress. Seems the m’s are broke when it comes to their own care, but can afford aromatherapy for their dogs. Not mad at that actually.
  • Nothing could make me feel more profoundly lonely than a pill for loneliness.
  • Would this be the first time the DSM has been weaponized, politicized, and pushing the unscientific to keep up with transient public opinion? Not for me to say, but I will quote the New Model Army (band) and say “when will the people in the white coats say enough is enough..?”
  • The CDC deserves no kudos for this. They have been reliable drug warriors from day one and have given cover to the worst excesses of the Drug War while propagating many excesses of their own. Normally, when you do something bad to someone you apologize and try to make it right. The CDC has done neither. They are giving faint comfort to those in pain and who use marijuana after literally decades of tormenting the same people. Not good enough.
  • The idea that everyone needs to be drug tested is an idea that should get NO play; but to the contrary, serious people, wearing serious expressions – and who expect to be taken seriously – are out with a study suggesting just that. That they think it is ok to do that is bad enough. It is really really a bad sign that they feel comfortable even suggesting this. If we as a nation are this indifferent to the loss of our privacy – and worse, we are willing to let it go in support of something as immoral as The War On Drugs is terrifying. How can we be free for long if we are willing to accept such absurd things?
  • Since no one else will do it, I will suggest we begin a voluntary database for opiate refusal. A one-stop-shop for people who want to permanently opt-out of all opiates at all times for all purposes. Let’s make the choice of opt-in or opt-out mandatory and bar the results from being used to further hurt people. Then we can avoid all these absurd use-cases.
  • Many Attorneys General are running an intimidation campaign. They need to be stopped. 300 pills a month is 10 a day, or 2 pills five times a day. Believe it or not, that is not so extreme when you are in pain and they are removing the time-release pills from the market.
  • The geographic variance in pill distribution deserves way more attention than it is getting. There is some, but not enough. If I had time I think one could tease a book out of it.
  • Not to be too cute but why has no one invented a vaccine for meanness? Pettiness? Nosiness? Busybodyism?
  • This isn’t stellar, but it does make one think about what the definition of “oversight” is.
  • I don’t think singling out doctors makes any sense here. Doctor’s are just people. They do what all people do.
  • The War On Opioids might as well be renamed The Illicit Fentanyl Marketing Push.
  • I don’t think I have ever been to Somerville Mass, but their mayor is brave and deserves accolades. Good luck to them there. No promises this stuff will work for sure, but we have to try new things. The old way simply isn’t working.
  • The hyperbole here is remarkable – which is saying something. I am yet to meet even one pain patient who was given more than they needed. Frankly not many were given what they need at all.
  • Gonna need to read up. If these losers sign it, it has to be bad.
  • I am less interested in seeing individual doctors sued than the CDC itself. They totally knew this and decided suffering was ok for other people to endure, when not one of the policy makers at the CDC would ever need to go without anything they want. That said, looks like there might be precedent for going after individual doctors.
  • A&E joining an addiction policy discussion is like having Ron Jeremy explain abstinence to a junior high health class.
  • I can’t tell from the article if this guy is a hero or a goat, but a sports medicine doctor giving out pain meds doesn’t seem like a national crisis. The deaths listed are from people who weren’t just taking opiates, but were mixing them with other substances – which is how many of the street deaths also happen. I have never taken Xanax so I don’t know how it mixes with dopiates, but I suspect that combo would be something recreational users would seek out. That said, the headline is deceptive – as is the bulk of the piece (yes, the cash-only stuff is suspicious, but the “not seeing the patient” might not be – I only saw the PA for years!) In either event, it isn’t logical to suggest someone went through all the medical training needed to become a doctor solely to make 5 years of “bad doctor” money. I wasn’t there, so who knows? What I do know is that the DEA are the shock troops in the drug war. They are volunteers – not conscripts. The motives of someone choosing medicine are way more respectable than those who choose to work at the DEA. Doctors rarely “go bad” in this way from what I can tell, but DEA agents start bad and rarely get better IMHO. That they don’t have hundreds and hundreds of these doctors on trial by now indicates what a red herring all this shit is.
  • I am no man of letters, but Voltaire*’s line “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticizecomes to mind in seeing this. (* at least I think its him…)
  • So many businesses in our society are based on billing loopholes. We are a country run by completely corrupt people.
  • This is a health issue, don’t get it mistaken. We cannot survive on a planet devoid of the ecosystems which created life as we know it – and yet, here we are.
  • None of this has anything to do with reducing suffering. Really.
  • I believe Joe Manchin should officially be labeled an asshole.
  • It ain’t a correction if it doesn’t fix anything…
  • Sad for this person. Sad for Fresno. Sad for the Fresno Tacos, one of my all time favorites.
  • If we put the manufacturer’s of opioids out of business, where will we get them?