Back To My Plow

We made it. We are back in the Land Between Two Rivers – Iowa. It’ cheap, it’s close to my peeps, and I found a short term lease. That checks the boxes I need right now. I am hoping a few months of stability will let me get caught up on the stuff I have been neglecting – including my activities here. I have been slackin’. Going to Iowa for a winter of nature-imposed seclusion should help me get back on track. I am still in move and set up mode, so hang tight. The sunlit uplands are just ahead…or more of the same grinding hell, or worse. Who can say?

I really am sick and tired of moving every year or two. I have now been doing it for half my life. It is time to tie down somewhere. Iowa would be fine. So would California. So would NJ. They are all different in some ways, but the distinctions have gone kinda smooth for me. The internet really standardizes such a wide swath of life I find myself over-focused on what little distinguishes itself. I mean, I love NYC for food as much as anyone, but it isn’t like people there have never tasted McDonalds. Frankly, pre-COVID, New York more than any place I can think of became more generic and chain-heavy. With the economy killing small business right now like it is, I expect even more of this – everywhere. If it is all going to basically be the same, I will take a place that is relatively cheap and tends not to run short on food and water. We’ll see how well I do with it. For now, it is on with all that’s shit to print. It is another light week from me, but I am busy…on the way to getting unbusy – but for now, a light week in advance of bigger things to come.