Born To Run (In Circles)

Well – I think this will be our last entry from New Jersey for awhile. I am tired of the constant moving, but we have at least 2 more on the short term horizon. This week we are headed out for the Central Time Zone. I don’t have a permanent address yet, and I will have to start looking for one. I doubt it will be for more than a year, so I am gonna try to keep it cheap. Looking at one of the old river cities in Iowa or perhaps Detroit. I don’t think I can do Illinois again. It is – as of this writing – my least favorite state by a mile. It is corrupt to the core and the absurdities which result from that corruption are myriad and absurd. I wish my friends and family there would move so I never have to go back – but it ain’t gonna happen like that methinks.
No matter, I am gonna be on the road for the foreseeable future. I hope this gives me more opportunity to write. I haven’t been keeping up like I should because work has been insane. At least, for the time being, I have work. No complaints there!
In any event, the sadists and personality-disordered individuals who have slake their thirst for positions are also insane, and perhaps even more busy than I. I am not in a great position right now to keep up with them – and can’t imagine I will be so long as I have work. Just the same, I can’t just let the news go by without a quick scan and a post, so here’s what I have been keeping up with. God willing, I will see you from the road somewhere, friends: