Bummer In The City

Remember that the next time you touch a hot stove!

The thing that has been most interesting to watch – on the long arc, anyway – is the way in which Post Modernism and its related word-play have been in ascent. At this point, the first thing undertaken in any sort of polemic is to redefine common language so that you can make provocative statements that don’t actually mean anything. The quote above, for example, makes impossible any traditional or common use of the word “harm”. Without doubt, it requires one to believe that one simply cannot do any sort of self-assessment of harm and that establishing whether or not harm occurred can only be done by a 3rd party. This is nonsense – but it is dangerous nonsense. It is nonsense that is “winning”. And let’s be honest – nonsense in general is winning. That this is all done in the name of “science” makes it even more depressing.
The good news is that changing language doesn’t change reality. The PoMo notion that one can “appropriate” power through naming is just a lazy take. To be able to define something is to have power – no doubt; but to sell a partisan renaming as straight naming hasn’t really worked, and it isn’t going to. The word play just isn’t getting over, both in the world overall and within the CPP-word specifically, and the folly of it is all but self-apparent. This means the masks will be coming off soon. Once they fail to control the language and the narrative, and the SME/Technocratic class can’t accomplish their aims with language, they will become more dangerous. They would prefer to scoop the pot easily and without confrontation, but that isn’t going to happen. They aren’t going to scoop even a portion of the pot by the time this is done. Between now and then, expect maximum nastiness! They didn’t come this far to lose. That they will inevitably lose is beyond doubt, but it is still very much an open issue in their mind. They didn’t plan this far ahead, and they will soon be making mistakes. The key is to be ready. The key is to keep watching them and let them go. Humanity wins in the end, and those who seek power usually lack the wisdom to keep it. It will be painful to get this ship righted, but righted it shall be. Until that time – the key is to keep watching them…

  • Our Surgeon General could very easily pledge to take nothing other than Tylenol for pain – ever again. That is what he has planned for you fools. Wanna bet he gets whatever meds he wants? That the study might also be bullshit seems to be a sign of the general problem here. If he can’t get basic shit like this right, what is he good at?
  • Being called “anti-science” is usually intended as a way to end a conversation. What if an entire discipline is “anti science”?
  • Senator’s Braun & Manchin are repulsive human beings. They should pledge to abstain from all opioid-derived medications for themselves since they seek the same for others.
  • Bigs up to the Hartford JC! Great piece. Hoping CT is able to locate its conscience!
  • I don’t want to end up a single issue voter, but I gotta say, no matter the party and no matter other consequences, I cannot vote for drug warriors anymore. I can’t vote for anyone who believes they have the right to determine how much suffering it is ok for others to endure. I simply won’t. I was never going to be in a position to vote for either of these soul-less ghouls, but I might find myself donating to their opponents if they aren’t also drug warriors.
  • No one can credibly say that prohibition and strict enforcement creates improvement when it comes to recreational drug use. There is so much info to the contrary. Enjoy synthetic meth and opioids Drug Warriors!
  • I believe the role of untreated pain and other medical conditions is very well known to the people who are supposed to be protecting us. They are not interested in outcomes – they are interested in pleasing their patrons and they are interested in having hot takes for elections. Ignorance is one thing – deliberate ignorance is quite another. That is criminal neglect – and to those in pain, resistance to the people and institutions tormenting people in pain is, put most simply, a matter of self-defense. Those who produced these policies and those who voted for them and those who give them cover need to be held responsible for this criminal neglect.
  • All the pot that gets flushed hasn’t made their alligators any nicer – not sure why this is such a big worry.
  • For a place named for the Body Of Christ, this Corpus Christi hospital is about as ruthless and pitiless as they come. They might look up how the afterlife goes for people with Christ’s name on their lips in vain. Surely, if there is a hell, it is for them.
  • I have been to all 50 states. I think Maine is the one I have spent the least time in (so far it has been measured in hours!) I read stuff from there and wonder if it is like Lord Of The Flies or something. Like a northern satellite of Florida or something…Occasionally, one sees something thoughtful and decent, and it is important to elevate it. They get plenty of stuff wrong – but at least they are trying! I hope ME gets its shit straightened out one day. As the opiate deaths move on to become deaths from other drugs, it is essential though that we not let assholes claim victory for opiate prohibition. It was opium’s turn on the Wheel Of Misery, now it is some other drug’s turn. Which one it is depends entirely on decisions made by the trash who works at the DEA.
  • There never really was a War On Drugs – it was always a War On Drug Users. In any event, if we are keeping score, the Drugs and The Prisons were the big winners…the Drug Users and the Our Society were the big losers. We never laid so much as a glove on the drugs. They continue to trounce all comers. They also appear to be biting the hands that grow them (something I must admit I can’t bring myself to cry about too much, but we’re all people and I have no doubt if they had better choices they’d make better choices.)
  • The silence of our society as meaningful pain relief options are taken away is going to be very very expensive. It will be much more expensive to regain than it would be to retain. Make no mistake – the gains are being lost every single day.
  • I have no sympathy for Vice, but any port in a storm…good coverage of the bullying going on at the hands of FB.
  • More good coverage. I don’t know anything about FilterMag, but they are the wind beneath my wings today.
  • I believe Chronic Pain is a disability. It is not normal to be vexed in perpetuity by your own body. That it is often treatable doesn’t mean it isn’t disabling. I cannot image an article like this from JAMA being even conceivable for any other type of disability. Thx to US News also for covering.
  • Any port in a storm. Happy to see coverage approaching reasonable in the NY Times.
  • My old pain issues are under control, but my arthritis gets worse by the day. I fear I am going to need to find another country to live in given how we are treating people in pain in this country. Never been to Ireland, but it is looking like a strong candidate.
  • What United Health Care is doing should be a crime if it isn’t. I would say they are practicing medicine without a license – which is, fo’ sho’ a crime.
  • That people believe to the contrary is obscene.
  • Will we ever consider progress to be the removal of suffering?
  • It is essential that we not forget who was behind the prohibition against even studying the medical value of cannabis. Whether or not CBD is a cure-all is irrelevant, but we are long past the point where it can be said to have NO medicinal value. Study on.
  • Fuck Oregon. Or, watch them fuck themselves.
  • For profit health care is going to kill us.
  • An oldie but a goodie.
  • Abolish the DEA. Prosecute as many of them as you can on whatever legal grounds you can.
  • I can’t think of much worse than this.