Fair Warning


If me being a born-again Christian is going to interfere with your enjoyment of my work here, we might be on short-time together. I am finding more in the Christian faith on the topic of legal and illegal drug use for pain than I thought likely, and I think I am just gonna give this weblog over to that realm. Half my entries here have been “hold on something’s coming” so don’t expect any regular reader here to buy even one word of this, but I think we are there. I am gonna work on the first stuff of that kind over the weekend. If the work is as good as the outline, it should go up relatively soon. When it does, that will sort of act as the starter pistol for the race we are joining. I don’t think anything for me, from here on out, will ever really be totally secular. I get why non-believers wouldn’t sign up for all of that (I didn’t go our of my way to read Christian stuff when I was in unbelief – that’s for sure), but I would ask you give me a chance…yes, I want you to convert to Bible-believing Christianity, and I may even ask you nicely to do so, but you will not find me as one-dimensional as is usually the fear. I live in the same world you do. I am not an ascetic, and never intend to be one. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t think it worked. It is on me – and my ability to generate results for Christ – that will dictate whether this succeeds. I only succeed if I reach people. I won’t reach people with condemnation, so I don’t intend to bring any to the party! All of this is easy to say of course. It simply remains for me to do and you to decide. Let’s see what happens! Til then, here is more of “what happens” in the worldly world. It may not edify. It may not satisfy. But, it does get the product out the door on time, so here goes: