It’s A Long Year. It Will Probably Be A Long Decade To Boot!

The election is supposed to be over – but it isn’t. I am numb to the stupidity at this point. Very few of our institutions are showing themselves to be of any moral significance, and so we are just sort of left to wander while the pillage goes on. I myself have less to complain about than most, so I won’t. I think Trump is really only marginally worse than any politician, but I can respect that he and his supporters went out of their way to target people who have been targeted for hundreds of years of abuse here – and for that, he belongs on the scrap heap of history with the rest of them. If this election provides any relief to those who have been on the receiving end of the nastiness, then that is a good thing. It shouldn’t have gone that far to begin with – but this is the planet we live on.
Biden doesn’t help me at all. He loosed the beast of the DEA on his own people with relish, and so I expect more of same. Before getting to excited by him, it would do well for pain patients to look at his record packing prisons and co-signing for drug warriors. He is without mercy or pity, and only worships power. If he hurts fewer people in the process, then I support him to that extent, but beyond that, I have no use for him either.
In any event – no shortage of material, and I expect no shortage any time soon. Luckily, I have no shortage of will power to stay at it – at least not yet. All in due time! For now, more of same: