Kick Over The Statues

Work and personal life have begun to rare back to get a cleaner bite of my ass, so I haven’t been able to keep up with so much going on even though that is probably what I want to do more than anything. Sigh. I have only bile and nasty stuff to say these days about public life. I want to be hopeful that all the mechanisms of control used by those with power will be shamed out of existence as a part of the process of unfucking ourselves, and our anti-Black racism, but it is obvious the man is gonna make humanity fight for every square inch of decency. This is kinda where I am at – no news in it since I think everyone already knows – so probably better I just git some news updated and live to write another day…sorry we’re running such a shorty in this installment!

  • People who have been avoiding their medical problems waiting for Covid to pass are going to find their dumb opinions about pain meds quite challenged when they find out the powers-that-be don’t intend go without themselves, but do intend everyone else goes without pain meds.
  • Take away the clean and safe legal meds and people just take the dangerous, dirty, and unsafe street drugs. Science says it. So does common sense. Opiate prohibition is not even a little bit about saving life. Everyone knows what’s up if they are honest with themselves.
  • What uniforms do to the human mind is very strange.
  • No one will care about this shit until it is them. The first “them” is in!
  • The laws made by the assholes in Congress only apply to us. The elite basically live in a different world where they do what they want and they do what they want.
  • Michigan is going to be the new Florida before 2020 runs out, but even so, I am not sure I good with this. Make sure you miss me with any hardware you have in mind for implanting! Why make it legal at all?
  • Governments decided they were gonna use marijuana as their piggy bank – not a crazy assumption normally – but they can’t even sell weed right with a legal monopoly. Our public life is rigged.
  • I am not going to tell anyone how they should or shouldn’t complain about the government in general, or Trump in specific, but I expect him to do genuinely evil shit without losing any sleep over it. Where is everyone else?
  • Coconut water is a fave of mine. Finding out it is harvested by slave monkeys is news to me. Human beings are messed up. (Link to PETA)
  • Anyone who believes that pain meds are universally problematic even though the biases in who gets them is profound and obvious.
  • Someday I intend to figure out how many junkies need to die for anyone to give a shit. We haven’t reached it quite yet.
  • Ugly is inevitable.
  • When the people who get to think up shit like this feel pain and want dope, they will be using the old definition and using a doctor to write the script who won’t need to be asked twice.
  • That was fast!
  • Dipshits can also die tragically. I came very close myself with a Fentanyl patch once. If any good can be said, I believe based on my experience that is a very quick and very painless way to go.