The (b)Land Between Two Rivers

Remember That Next Time You Have An Infection!

We are getting settled back into Iowa life. Some days, the place feels like a last little pocket of the old laconic America in which you just do your work (like yr ‘sposed to) and say “ope” as you pass in the aisles of the Hy-Vee and talk to cashiers forever even when there is a long line behind you and you drive slow in the left lane completely oblivious and all of that emotionally constipated stuff which gives this place a certain rustic charm. On the other hand, seeing them bring the harvest this fall – with literally perfect weather (I am in shorts and sandals in mid-October!) – has been great. Even with the chaos of the world these days, that core natural cycle in which the seeds are planted, the earth gives forth, and those who planted reap in their reward. It is an old process. It is an organic process. It is where all life comes from, and on these gentle days in the warm sun, seeing them bring it in, row after row after row, does refresh the spirit somewhat. It is – after all – life as God gave it to us on this planet.
Then there are all the other things you have to deal with. A sort of social dullness which makes one pause and wonder how oblivious one can become in their routine here. It is my current home, and is so by my choice – a choice I am good with. I have seen enough of what else is on offer to see that, in total, every place presents a different balance of the same sorts of things. Iowa’s balance is unique and there is a part of me that is this way too – in spite of my best efforts as a young man to do otherwise. I have seen enough of the coasts and the cities at this point to sort of know what awaits me there should I return.

  • It is immoral to allow people to die like this. We are becoming a people without pity.
  • I have always wonder if we’d find out why the growth in autism has been so significant during my lifetime. Not sure, but if this is the direction it is going, we may find out some very interesting things.
  • Speaking only for myself, my less healthy thinking during the time of my fentanyl medication was really a matter of despairing over the hopelessness of my physical condition. The answers given by the good capitalists at BCBS don’t cut it. More stigmatizing. More deliberate conflation of the effects of the black market and the effects of the medication. Just more of the usual FUD from an organization with clear financial incentives to continue demonizing the use of opiates. Capitalism knows no shame. It is time to repeal the HMO Act of 1973 once and for all.
  • Liz is a drug warrior.
  • Most days, New Jersey is slightly less corrupt and shitty than Illinois, but I am willing to bet they will also find a way to fail at being pot dealers when they have a legal monopoly, much the way Illinois has.
  • Are diabetics addicted to insulin?
  • Math isn’t organic to the universe. Numbers are adjectives. Just words. Math doesn’t exist outside of the human mind. Of course it is biased.
  • The Drug War is a jobs program for people with a uniform fetish – people the private world won’t hire because they know what’s up. They aren’t trying to achieve what Portugal is doing. Quite the opposite if I had to guess.
  • I fear our nation will not go back after COVID and fix all the excesses we have witnessed. I am picking the MI Gov as an example, but no one in this country has done a good job. I think blanket amnesty first, then truth and reconciliation next. These crisis don’t come with an instruction manual, and most excesses were naive, and so punishment and censure isn’t needed. Forgiveness and correction are.
  • I have taken it recently too. The coverage of it is over-the-top dumb.
  • Why am I only hearing about this now?
  • Where is the lie?
  • Of all the areas I’d like to see some evolution in, the extra wrist artery wasn’t on the list.
  • Looks interesting.
  • They are all corrupt. To a one.
  • The desire to control the feelings of others knows no border.
  • Things are so bad I have to commend Glen Beck. Hurts – but not enough to turn away the support. Any port in a storm.

The Taper Foundation

So we are going to start a charity to raise awareness of the third leading cause of death in America for too long – doctor error. Only heart disease and cancer kill more people than doctor’s mistakes. Naturally we don’t have much awareness of this, and I am not deluding myself that I can single-handedly change things. The aim is not to denigrate doctors, but rather to re-establish the parity of the patient’s voice in their own treatment. In matters of pain especially, the words of the patients are generally discounted unless they can be used to punish the patient for “drug seeking”. Whether for pain or withdrawal, “drug seeking” is really just “relief seeking” rephrased in the most denigrating and stigmatizing language possible. Overwhelmingly, designating someone as drug seeking is done by the white coats, and they need even less evidence to apply that diagnosis than they do with all the other bad diagnosing they are doing (remember – more people die from doctor fail than opiate overdoses!) Our charity may get a new name, but for now, we are gonna call it The Taper Foundation, and we will have scrub-green ribbons! Can’t wait. Details to follow. For now, here is the latest from the charnel house that is pain management in the United States:

  • I tapered off of fentanyl successfully because it was my choice to do so and because I no longer needed that much medication after having a successful surgery. For everyone else, the tapers just don’t work. The drugs, on the other hand, work like they have for 1000s of years – well enough to save my life.
  • The War On Opioids just keeps getting more and more clumsy & desperate. Now Covid makes it worse! Just keep in mind, this “crisis” exists only here in the US even though Covid and Opiates are everywhere on this planet.
  • More horseshit conflating illegal drugs and legal ones. They will never tire of this – it is all they have at this point.
  • It isn’t good politics to take your turn punching down at pain patients, but it is easy and it allows those doing the punching to look busy.
  • Those programs haven’t done anything anywhere but ruin lives, but it allows politicians to look like they are doing something even though the deaths from street drugs keep going up, the prices go down, and supply goes up. We have received nothing but pain, debt, and death from drug prohibition.
  • I wouldn’t have Trump do it by any means, but pretending the CDC is above scrutiny at this point is a laffer.
  • I find Biden repulsive, but less so than Trump. Biden is a drug warrior, and so karmically has no complaints about the havoc drugs have created in his family, but I have compassion for all who find themselves with that havoc. Biden has the power to change the havoc, and yet he keeps it because it benefits him politically. That said,
  • Letting our cities fall into disrepair and despair isn’t a reasonable option. Scapegoating those already behind the 8 ball isn’t necessary either.
  • We don’t sentence people to disease for their transgressions. Not even Trump. I hope all people with Covid recover fully and that we put it all behind us as soon as possible.
  • I have never believed in the idea that Canada is “America Done Right” in general, but I didn’t realize they too now were milking the bullshit idea that pain patients caused any opiate crisis. They are.
  • Cut meds and deaths go up. Oh Canuckistan.
  • I think it would harder to find laws not promoted by racist bigots than not at this point, but it does seem ponderous at how clear the management of vice and racist laws seem to find their way to each other about 100% of the time. Without a doubt, enjoying vice in peace is one of the most cherished privileges of the pilgrims here in the US.
  • Wait til they see what happens to 401Ks as soon as everyone stops driving!
  • Right – because people not on drugs are “clean” and people on drugs are “dirty”. Who could argue with such clear-headed and objective reportage?
  • Racism is a public health crisis.

Back To My Plow

We made it. We are back in the Land Between Two Rivers – Iowa. It’ cheap, it’s close to my peeps, and I found a short term lease. That checks the boxes I need right now. I am hoping a few months of stability will let me get caught up on the stuff I have been neglecting – including my activities here. I have been slackin’. Going to Iowa for a winter of nature-imposed seclusion should help me get back on track. I am still in move and set up mode, so hang tight. The sunlit uplands are just ahead…or more of the same grinding hell, or worse. Who can say?

I really am sick and tired of moving every year or two. I have now been doing it for half my life. It is time to tie down somewhere. Iowa would be fine. So would California. So would NJ. They are all different in some ways, but the distinctions have gone kinda smooth for me. The internet really standardizes such a wide swath of life I find myself over-focused on what little distinguishes itself. I mean, I love NYC for food as much as anyone, but it isn’t like people there have never tasted McDonalds. Frankly, pre-COVID, New York more than any place I can think of became more generic and chain-heavy. With the economy killing small business right now like it is, I expect even more of this – everywhere. If it is all going to basically be the same, I will take a place that is relatively cheap and tends not to run short on food and water. We’ll see how well I do with it. For now, it is on with all that’s shit to print. It is another light week from me, but I am busy…on the way to getting unbusy – but for now, a light week in advance of bigger things to come.