Back To My Plow

We made it. We are back in the Land Between Two Rivers – Iowa. It’ cheap, it’s close to my peeps, and I found a short term lease. That checks the boxes I need right now. I am hoping a few months of stability will let me get caught up on the stuff I have been neglecting – including my activities here. I have been slackin’. Going to Iowa for a winter of nature-imposed seclusion should help me get back on track. I am still in move and set up mode, so hang tight. The sunlit uplands are just ahead…or more of the same grinding hell, or worse. Who can say?

I really am sick and tired of moving every year or two. I have now been doing it for half my life. It is time to tie down somewhere. Iowa would be fine. So would California. So would NJ. They are all different in some ways, but the distinctions have gone kinda smooth for me. The internet really standardizes such a wide swath of life I find myself over-focused on what little distinguishes itself. I mean, I love NYC for food as much as anyone, but it isn’t like people there have never tasted McDonalds. Frankly, pre-COVID, New York more than any place I can think of became more generic and chain-heavy. With the economy killing small business right now like it is, I expect even more of this – everywhere. If it is all going to basically be the same, I will take a place that is relatively cheap and tends not to run short on food and water. We’ll see how well I do with it. For now, it is on with all that’s shit to print. It is another light week from me, but I am busy…on the way to getting unbusy – but for now, a light week in advance of bigger things to come.

Born To Run (In Circles)

Well – I think this will be our last entry from New Jersey for awhile. I am tired of the constant moving, but we have at least 2 more on the short term horizon. This week we are headed out for the Central Time Zone. I don’t have a permanent address yet, and I will have to start looking for one. I doubt it will be for more than a year, so I am gonna try to keep it cheap. Looking at one of the old river cities in Iowa or perhaps Detroit. I don’t think I can do Illinois again. It is – as of this writing – my least favorite state by a mile. It is corrupt to the core and the absurdities which result from that corruption are myriad and absurd. I wish my friends and family there would move so I never have to go back – but it ain’t gonna happen like that methinks.
No matter, I am gonna be on the road for the foreseeable future. I hope this gives me more opportunity to write. I haven’t been keeping up like I should because work has been insane. At least, for the time being, I have work. No complaints there!
In any event, the sadists and personality-disordered individuals who have slake their thirst for positions are also insane, and perhaps even more busy than I. I am not in a great position right now to keep up with them – and can’t imagine I will be so long as I have work. Just the same, I can’t just let the news go by without a quick scan and a post, so here’s what I have been keeping up with. God willing, I will see you from the road somewhere, friends:

Taking A Gamble

I wouldn’t describe myself as some sort of degenerate gambler, even when I was at my peak. I don’t gamble much these days and don’t expect to be doing much more of it any time soon. I do know some folks who are more d-gen with the gambling than me, and from them I learned about how easy it is to ban yourself from a casino! If you are worried about whether or not you are capable of responsible gambling, you can tell the casinos to not let you it – and sure enough, they will not let you in. Pretty easy.
I am convinced we need the exact same thing for opiates. For all the people who claim to be terrified of the demon poppy – they could easily self-select themselves for a “Do Not Prescribe” nationwide database. Everyone who claims to be worried about their pain pills forcing them into a life of despair & addiction can immediately and totally keep that from EVER happening to them.
This solves so many problems and does so easily and cheaply – that is why there is no chance this will ever happen. With this database, every one who concern-trolls the “Opiate Epidemic” could just put themselves on the Do Not Prescribe list and move ahead secure in knowing they won’t become degenerate junkies. But that would defeat the entire purpose of the concern trolling since none of them actually care about junkies or pain patients or access to care to begin with. None of the people in medicine and government who are taking pain meds from everyone else are themselves in any danger of losing their own access to whatever they want – these are usually very powerful people. It is YOUR access they intend to manage. They don’t intend to let you manage your own, and they also don’t intend to be held to the same rules you are. They want to be able to determine for you what you can get, but if they were forced to back up their own concerns with actions which might reduce their discretion, you can guess where they will come down on that.
The war on drugs is a total failure. The black market is created by drug prohibition itself, and the black market is where the danger to us all comes from. It is also where the money for the cartels and power for the jackboots comes from. Those with power know this, and that is why the focus of their power is the maintenance of their position of privilege.
There is that pesky word – privilege. It is now a privilege to have access to the pain medications you need. Meds that have been safely used by all of humanity for thousands of years are now only going to be available to doctors, politicians, cops, and their friends. You will get none. A “Do Not Prescribe” database could be used to force these folks into having to follow the same rules they make for you, and we all know that will never happen.
Pain medication prohibition is the product of privilege, politics, and power – nothing else. Not science. Not compassion. Treatment that we wouldn’t permit on stray cats is now the de facto law of the land for human beings. Our government cannot function without massive power disparities favoring the governing over the governed. The government can’t function without sadism.
You know this. We all do. We are all terrified to find ourselves scooped up into the system. You should get over that. It already happened and you aren’t going to easily get it back. This world is being turned in a giant open-air prison. You will have your rights taken away exactly in the amount you will tolerate. That kind of tolerance is very dangerous. In small enough bites I am not sure anyone notices:

  • I have no idea if this person was just holding drugs as a part of a harm reduction intervention or not. It doesn’t matter. The important part is that every one of knows the DEA absolutely WOULD arrest someone in a harm reduction program who is holding only those drugs they had surrendered to them during an intervention. To be a drug warrior is to be a sadist.
  • Me Too.
  • Imagine that!
  • All institutional power in this country thrives on massive power inequality. Creating the feeling that you can’t fight and win, or that fighting is pointless is the exact outcome they seek. It is really just sadism – and like all sadism – it is practiced to no honorable end, and never will be. When you see sadism like this, you can be sure it serves no honorable end. None. It is simply an expression of a power imbalance by those that imbalance favors.
  • Having to get drug news from Vice is nihilism-inducing given what scumbags they are, but all the same, there are stories only they cover that need a coverin’.
  • You mean we are the only country having a crisis with a plant used medicinally by humans for thousands of years? I wonder if being founded religious kooks and run by control-freak psychopaths has anything to do with it?
  • Because ya can’t just say “they’re lying
  • If we gave out clean, pharmaceutical grade opiates to addicts and monitored their use medically, we could save money and lives. Very few are interested in saving that money and saving those lives. One day that may change.
  • Politically I find Pennsyltucky repulsive, but if they can get real recreational weed started it would be a big domino to fall. It would also save me the round trip to Mass.
  • I down-low love this – would it not end the drug war quickly?
  • The drug warriors can’t even win with the deck stacked in their favor. They will lose. People will win.
  • Can a legal drug be a gateway drug?
  • Going pretty far afield on the sourcing here, but I am at the “any port in a storm” phase. Access to proper pain treatment is a matter of life and death. The enemies of proper pain treatment have no morals, so I will continue to source things further away from my own politics as need be to get the truth out. Sorry – not sorry.
  • Outcomes don’t determine treatment – politics and the badged-ones do..