This Week In Dope(s):

More anti-opiate hysterics.

I will keep this down to my usual:

What is the difference between someone who inflicts pain on another person and someone who refuses to treat the pain of another person when such pain could be easily treated.

and let me add:

What is the difference between someone who is addicted to opiates and one who can’t live without them?

Spotty Spotify v4

Hopelessly out of print, so I have never actually owned this album.  I had most of the songs put on a custom CD I had burned for me in the early days of the internet (pre file sharing there was an attempt to sell custom CD’s you could make by selecting individual tracks.)  I liked Mad Professor and this was the only stuff of his available.  Very odd – German dudes over Mad Pro productions in both German and pijin English.  Quite interesting.  Most of it still not even on You Tube but this one is. Who doesn’t need a song about robbing the national bank of Abu Dhabi and explaining the rationale to your child in dub reggae lullaby form?  Enjoy…