What We Would Be Going Back To Shouldn’t Be Called Normal

Count me squarely in the camp of folks who think we should not be too quick to “open up”. The second wave of COVID 19 is going to be very nasty if history is any precedent, and I would hope we’d have done a lot more math and due diligence as a people before going this route. I am not saying I don’t see the economic arguments for opening up – I do – but what I don’t see is anyone doing the math in the clear, taking both sides into account, and then making the best decision for the most people while taking care of those who stand to lose the most. I think we could manage this easier than previous generations, and we really haven’t.

It is all complicated because people are complicated. However, they aren’t so complicated that we can’t work together to mitigate the pain of this event. Not only do we not do that, we have devolved into a kind of free-for-all “might makes right” kind of mode. The same divisions that have always been with us are still there – and there hasn’t been nearly enough progress to say we are doing all that much better than previous generations. There are still too many for whom this country, and this planet, are not a home where they are allowed to feel at home. The “othering” is pretty much total, and we have devolved into a place where everyone reflexively assumes the absolute worst of those they disagree with. Positions are hardening – not softening. This is dangerous to the health of the planet and the individuals upon it. Attitude matters in keeping yourself healthy, yet the only workouts we give ourselves tend to simply be physical. I am a tub of goo so it is easy for me to say that the other kinds of workout are as hard as physical workouts. That may be so, but I am not the one to say it as I find physical workouts more difficult to get myself to do than to face my own bullshit, or, to try to be a better human being.

As I understand my diagnosis prior to my fusion, my situation worsened over a few years after a relatively minor sports injury at a gym. I do still make (largely irrational) associations between the gym and losing another 15 years to a gym boo-boo, but I still have to get through that. I suppose if I can get over that BS, I will be in a better position to expect it in others. Right now, I try to be as forgiving of others as I can. I try not to assume their intent is any worse than mine. We all have great capacity for good and ill. I see no reason to assume otherwise of anyone. Literally, anyone. I am largely alone in this I fear. More Politics-As-Thunderdome is coming – perhaps on a global scale. As the great song World Destruction said 35 years ago, those in power aren’t “giving a damn about the people who live here.” That is literally the recipe for chaos. The insecurity people are being asked to endure is more than I think we are wired to live with. Insecurity breeds fear and fear will only prompt flight for so long.

I’d like to believe there is a way to get out of this. If this country had a civil war, I would be inclined to shoot in both directions. None of that is necessary and neither side has everyone’s interests ahead of their own at this point. The needs of all are worth fighting for. The needs of some may also be worth fighting for if that “some” is being abused. That fight against abuse is everyone’s fight. Nothing else really is. We have been through enough history to justify being worried about what is coming. The easiest time to fight back is now. We don’t need to have everything right – we simply have to be resolved not to quit until we get it right. It may take generations to achieve, but the biggest progress could be made now by simply saying “no” to more of same. Dissent is the easiest, most safe, and least destructive way forward. Dissent in a time of fear is much more difficult, but none of it is as tough as the thought of allowing things to “go back to normal”. Whether our way of life is normal or not is something I can’t decide on my own, but the impulses it gratifies aren’t normal. Reserving the right to accumulate limitless surplus while minimums for others go unmet is not normal among social animals. It isn’t a pattern often found on this planet. Nature can’t afford to be that wasteful. What makes us think we can? I am yet to see anything that could be called a good answer for that.

Alright, enough on the politics. I am a nerd, and writing of my wound – and all wounds to some degree. That I think is a battle worth fighting now, with great vigor. It is not many more needed to say “no more” to the business as usual for it to be changed. That is coming. It may take awhile but it will come. Plenty still out there to say “no more” too. You don’t need to look too hard; I literally am bringing it to you!:

  • Utah contract with Banjo sounds like a Guided By Voices album title, but its just Great Basin Governance In Flux.
  • Of all the shit I have seen while paying attention to the news on pain medication, this article is the worst. The endless demonization of people in pain, including this article’s batch-diagnosis, is an obscenity. My best guess is getting funding for this shit is super easy, so every bitch in a white coat lines up 100s deep for the chance to throw a dart for their masters. We have 5000 years of human history to the contrary of all this crap, and no one ever seems to ask why this is pretty much just an American problem. Look into that, and ye shall be healed.
  • We have to do better than we have in this crisis. I expect a free-thinking people to be like herding cats to deal with, but seeing how many irrational folks occupy the poles in our discourse is scary. The snitches and the protesters deserve each other in some respects, but this might be a good word of warning in the future for “snitches“. No one will be able to keep your records secure for long, and then you are at the mercy of the pitchfork-n-torch crowd – not the place to be!
  • Hating big pharma is easy. They are an easy target Hating them when they generate a near perfect anti-body test this fast is lying.
  • It is beyond debate: not one publication that wrings its crone hands over the opioid “pandemic” actually gives a shit if drug users fall into the abyss. For them to try milking the opioid “crisis” with a COVID-19 angle just sounds like a slow day in an editorial planning meeting. It isn’t even real content. It is just a jumble of buzzwords and starched narratives.
  • The pain med shortage for COVID patients rolls on. This shortage was deliberately created by the DEA, and this is just the beginning too. Being silent while the DEA practices medicine on people they haven’t seen (people they aren’t qualified to treat) is going to reap the whirlwind.
  • I think I am going to come back to calling this The Carnivore Flu.
  • Switzerland’s generosity must never be forgotten.
  • The psychopaths’ obsession with an interpretation of Darwin in which those perceived as “Less Than” are best left to the whims of “nature” is something to marvel at. The most interesting part is how sparing they are in applying these things to people THEY know. It’s always someone else! I won’t be having a beer with this asshole after he expresses his opinion that I should be left to die. I hope he can get past that
  • Can’t think of a way to see this as good news.
  • We need clear definitions for journalistic malpractice. We need these editorial meetings documented. Seeing our media turn entirely to clickbait and absurd monetization strategies is just death on the installment plan for human liberty. The idea that COVID is the cause of some incremental mental health crisis is absurd – we barely treat mental illness under normal circumstances! Why isn’t that news on a garden variety slow news day?
  • MIT claims that Silicon Valley innovation is a fraud. They are surely right at least in part, but coming from them that is mighty rich. MIT is CIA fuckery and if the Hague isn’t for such people, what is it for?
  • Are there no scenarios where it will also be saved for future prosecutions?
  • This is who we are. It needs a fixin’
  • I suspect this is just a portal to hell that uncloaked briefly and found its way to the news.
  • “Is this the best way we can grow our good fruit?” – WG
  • ” to be caffeinated to one degree or another has simply become baseline human consciousness “. Glory be.
  • It’s death for no reason, and death for no reason is murder.
  • It would be great to have lived life not really needing to know what the CDC does. As a chronic pain patient, I have been forced to acquaint myself with them, and to the degree I have, I find them dishonorable and politically driven. If others find the same, I probably have some confirmation bias putting its finger on the scale against the CDC. That isn’t particularly good science on my part, so I will withhold comment on the above link, but I will say in general, the science community would be in a much better position if it really policed itself rather than finding themselves deep in politics. Science is not going to be de-politicized any time soon, especially if the white coats get too PC to really conduct peer review.
  • It is a long way down from where we are, but there are many already there. We have to keep our freedom, but we must also understand it is a matter of life or death of many.
  • I try not to get too conspiratorial, but are we really going to pretend this guy wasn’t exactly what he appeared?

We Have Ignition!

nanny nanny

I did it. I got blocked for the first time on Twitter. A real asshole too. I done good…I will try to screen shot it if can. This one goes on the refrigerator for sure!
I have come to realize I must go forward like the Ronin. I prefer it. There really aren’t any other experts on my lived experience other than myself, so I am not sure there is much outside help that I need. I am fully aware I am headed down the hard road. It is a one-way ride at this point chums. Can’t go back, won’t go back. Don’t start none, won’t be none.
We are entering an era in which medical issues are also political issues. These two institutions are joined largely by the psychopathy required to succeed within both. They are also united by a disdain for anything egalitarian. This will not be a match made in heaven as there is likely going to be conflict around swim lanes – you can see them stepping on each other already. Tee hee. We are supposed to give up all of our political rights if the scientists say so, and we are supposed to ignore clear-as-day data if it gets in the way of the economy! Pretty riveting stuff. It is going to be a tedious hell. Two groups of entitled assholes who believe the truth is what they say it is. Worse, it will all be chronicled by institutions who believe the same! No way out I guess. Get some popcorn popped and get comfy for the upcoming show. It isn’t like we have much choice! It isn’t like we have anywhere else to go! Until the fireworks, here’s a check of the dipstick on where we’re at:

  • I will rest when we have 5 cable channels and 1000 podcasts about this. Forensics porn is a sad statement about human beings.
  • Well well well…what do we have here?
  • Millions who can’t afford care have been living with medicine shortages for years aholes. Pain patients have been shorted quite a bit of late too.
  • The internet is now the memory hole, so I don’t expect much, but this shit cannot go unanswered when we get closer to normal.
  • It is higher than 1 in 10 yo!
  • This is bad enough, but I am willing to be that What happened Behind The Cheddar Curtain did not stay Behind The Cheddar Curtain.
  • If the standard is that things can’t even be investigated, f thoz hoz.
  • How many assholes will be dumping these pets when this is over or they have other things to keep them entertained. I want to be happy about this article, but how many of these animals ended up in long term worse circumstances?
  • I wish I could give up this topic, but I can’t. I don’t think there is enough quality data out in the public for people to make an informed decision about what to do.
  • Sorry. Great gesture. But weird.
  • To the outside world, dumb shit like this is expected of Iowa. Why is there so little shock to see it in NYC – a town that absolutely knows better?
  • When I tapered off of Fentanyl, it was my idea and not my doctor’s. It was successful because I trusted my doctor and he trusted me. He allowed me to do it over a few months in 2 week steps from the 100 microgram patch to no opiates in something like 90 days. At the time, my doctor said it was very uncommon for the patient to be on board with tapering. I knew that instinctively. I got extremely lucky and had 3 surgeries which (to varying degree) reduced my need for meds. I mention all of this in an attempt to give myself standing to say that what this article suggests is gaslighting and bullshit. Tapering is almost never a partnership between doctor and patient. It is almost always the doctor’s wish and it is imposed on the patient whether they consent or not. As I said, my doctor noted at the time how uncommon it was for it to be patient-initiated. I suspect it is quite rare compared to tapers initiated by doctors. It needs to be consensual and truly a mutual decision. Other than that, it is almost exclusive pitiless and a source of great harm to impose. To pretend otherwise, as the article does, is nasty.
  • Wait til they see what economy class on a plane looks like.
  • We need a major rethink of many things. This piece alone highlights the need to get right with non-disclosure clauses, but more importantly, it is time to stop making dehumanization the focus of punishment in favor of elevating humanity.
  • Weirdos are more creative according to a study. They are usually broke as a result according to me.
  • I am just a novice on these things, but it seems like the policy studied couldn’t have been decided on with settled science eh?
  • I want rewilding and the restoration of the natural world for its own sake – global warming or not. I want animals treated humanely for its own sake – global warming or not. We cannot deprive future generations of the natural world. Other ideas are fine, but pandemic prevention is done for those living now as much as anything. We have obligations beyond those alive now.
  • Damn.
  • Looks like all those dytopian movies they showed kids in the 70s were more right than wrong. That sucks because those movies all terrified me.
  • I can’t pretend I have a lifetime of service in the cause – not by a long shot – but I have enough creds from other parts of the drug war to slip comfortably into a one-dimensional weed booster. Seeing states simply equate pot with revenue isn’t something we should allow so easily – when they say this shit, they completely gloss over even the pretense of health concerns! The default story now is that weed is fine and the revenue from wider use is of great benefit to society! That isn’t what the feds say? They aren’t all that far off the old canard that there is NO medical use for weed in any way, in any dimension, at any time. When a state governor pays not one whit of attention to that and says more use means more societal benefit, then it is surely time to put the drug war to bed for good. They aren’t even trying at this point.

Comrade Lebron Wishes You Understood Virology Like He Does

Seeing Biden attempt to go to the right of Trump on China was bracing, but ultimately boring. These people will literally say anything. Anybody will say anything if they are hungry (or thirsty) enough. I feel like we are headed that way, where you can get anyone to say anything for money. What a sad place to find ourselves. It is extra stupid for many reasons, but one of the biggest is that it is actually not going to work. None of that shit is going to work, for either side. The tired old crones with their last fingertip grip on our planet’s institutions are finished. The angst comes from the fact we are likely going to be at the mercy of a different group of psychopaths when this bunch is sent down to see the man with the pitchfork and horns. The impulse to seek security at the expense of all is overwhelming and normal. For me personally, an “open” economy will not mean much change for me – I am not going anywhere until there is a vaccine or herd immunity. I don’t need a shelter-in-place order to shelter-in-place. My only concern is that we won’t be able to take to the streets when the crones go to far. We need a find another way to check them from behind closed doors. Perhaps an over-ambitious goal…At minimum, I think I shouldn’t be punished for staying indoors and those who want out should be free to make their own choices. I can let them visit or not.
I usually hate the phrase, but I might borrow part of it to say that this crisis isn’t creating our character, but rather revealing it. That fact contains no surprises for me. I pity those who are finding this all very eye-opening! It is a lot to take in at once! As I always do, I will break it up into chunks as we go!:

  • This is the battle we can most easily win if we decide we want it.
  • Juggalocialism up against the ropes
  • We live in a country where prisoners, junkies, and the poor aren’t considered human for some reason. That is why we warehouse them together during a viral pandemic. No one cares what happens to these people. It should be a source of national shame. Instead it is a source of national indifference. Shocking.
  • The people being called essential now have always been essential in the same way they are now. They were entitled to a living wage then, and they are entitled to that and more now. They didn’t change – the world around them did. Stuff the thanks and clapping and get them (and all) income security since our security is literally tied to these people.
  • I am not against the CDC. I am against the people running the CDC. They are butchers. Incompetent ones.
  • I eventually need to do a full entry on this topic because the short version just comes off like a cringey hot take – America to Universities: Drop Dead
  • Hey Ladies!
  • The death of this man is prison is not the product of decent society.
  • Our society can’t be bothered to lift a finger if they think all it will do is save junkies. This is a pathology. Really.
  • The rise of Logistics As God is coming!
  • China’s government is not its people.
  • Link: “When there’s a disaster, police and fire aren’t first responders, they’re second responders…. First responders are a family member or a neighbor.”
  • Edibles everywhere would be even better. The only reason not to give them out to keep everyone cool is they would eat too much of their essential food stash.
  • If you are in agony, and the only release from the agony is a trip to the “dark web“, you’d have to be a soul-less asshole to expect a person to choose pitching in on the drug war over putting an end to your torture.
  • I am against governing differently based on Red State vs Blue State. It is total bullshit. That said, no one should bail Illinois out of its corruption and stupidity. Cook County Born & Bred. Just trust me.
  • I can’t ignore the social cost of the lost economy in my own thinking. It is very hard to quantify normally, so I am wondering if it will be easier to track in the quarantine? Might we learn more about some kinds of deaths of despair, or is this time too anomalous?
  • I know these bunkers are secret and all, but I think it would be easy enough to find them. If they are occupied, I think we should seal them shut from the outside and then open negotiations.
  • The risk is socialized, the profits privatized.
  • We have to do gooder than this to avoid regerts.
  • There are people who have been through everything the millennials have, plus the Cold War, The Vietnam War, The Korean War, WWII, and the depression. Is this not widely known? Do they think their road was tougher than the WWII generation? Are they ever going to compare themselves to anyone other than the Boomers – the most spoiled generation in human history?
  • Science is bought and paid for. They still can’t beat the tobacco company scientists in court! You can get scientists to say literally anything.
  • The Trickle-Up Bailout.
  • The idea that residents of cities have to live behind the wall of small-town fear isn’t brilliant thinking.