Smoky Mountain Rain

We hit the highway for Middle Appalachia and weren’t disappointed.  Boom-tastic added his 41st state – North Carolina – and we added 2 new National Forests:  Cherokee & Pisgah.

It was rainy, which sorta sucked, but we definitely found some wild country.  The east all has a similar sort of deciduous green patina to it, which is nice, but without question, each state has subtle differences.  In NC, we started seeing more of that orange/red clay than the “black land dirt” of the Great Lakes.

Saw some folks I go back with, which was fun.  I know Asheville is a place loved by many, and from what I saw it seemed nice enough if you like that sort of thing.  It strikes me as having money, which makes it stick out somewhat in the context of Middle Appalachia.


I think of Southerners as being servile betas who have always lined up when asked to by their “men of respect”.  Like Bob Dylan said, mostly pawns in a bigger game.  Naturally this isn’t so much a Southern Thing anymore as it is a Red State thing.  It is also palpable in PA and WV, two places very much not associated with The Lost Cause historically, but both replete with many Confederate flags and Trump signs on lawns and holy rollers on the radio.

Politically I have no idea what to think at this point.  I know what I believe.  I support neither side at this point.  Both sides hate each other more than they love the country.  A pox on them both.  They would see us ripped apart if they could vanquish their enemies.  They would destroy our institutions and basic common understandings if they could gain even transient leverage by doing so.  A pox on them both.

It is a good time to lay low.  Take it in.  Listen to it all, but stick to my guns.  The truth isn’t somewhere in the middle.  It is in the eternal.   It is in the permanent.  That which is challenged and always returns.  The great flow.  God.  It pays not even a little bit to have one’s mind anywhere else even if they find themselves out and about.