We Have Ignition!

nanny nanny

I did it. I got blocked for the first time on Twitter. A real asshole too. I done good…I will try to screen shot it if can. This one goes on the refrigerator for sure!
I have come to realize I must go forward like the Ronin. I prefer it. There really aren’t any other experts on my lived experience other than myself, so I am not sure there is much outside help that I need. I am fully aware I am headed down the hard road. It is a one-way ride at this point chums. Can’t go back, won’t go back. Don’t start none, won’t be none.
We are entering an era in which medical issues are also political issues. These two institutions are joined largely by the psychopathy required to succeed within both. They are also united by a disdain for anything egalitarian. This will not be a match made in heaven as there is likely going to be conflict around swim lanes – you can see them stepping on each other already. Tee hee. We are supposed to give up all of our political rights if the scientists say so, and we are supposed to ignore clear-as-day data if it gets in the way of the economy! Pretty riveting stuff. It is going to be a tedious hell. Two groups of entitled assholes who believe the truth is what they say it is. Worse, it will all be chronicled by institutions who believe the same! No way out I guess. Get some popcorn popped and get comfy for the upcoming show. It isn’t like we have much choice! It isn’t like we have anywhere else to go! Until the fireworks, here’s a check of the dipstick on where we’re at:

  • I will rest when we have 5 cable channels and 1000 podcasts about this. Forensics porn is a sad statement about human beings.
  • Well well well…what do we have here?
  • Millions who can’t afford care have been living with medicine shortages for years aholes. Pain patients have been shorted quite a bit of late too.
  • The internet is now the memory hole, so I don’t expect much, but this shit cannot go unanswered when we get closer to normal.
  • It is higher than 1 in 10 yo!
  • This is bad enough, but I am willing to be that What happened Behind The Cheddar Curtain did not stay Behind The Cheddar Curtain.
  • If the standard is that things can’t even be investigated, f thoz hoz.
  • How many assholes will be dumping these pets when this is over or they have other things to keep them entertained. I want to be happy about this article, but how many of these animals ended up in long term worse circumstances?
  • I wish I could give up this topic, but I can’t. I don’t think there is enough quality data out in the public for people to make an informed decision about what to do.
  • Sorry. Great gesture. But weird.
  • To the outside world, dumb shit like this is expected of Iowa. Why is there so little shock to see it in NYC – a town that absolutely knows better?
  • When I tapered off of Fentanyl, it was my idea and not my doctor’s. It was successful because I trusted my doctor and he trusted me. He allowed me to do it over a few months in 2 week steps from the 100 microgram patch to no opiates in something like 90 days. At the time, my doctor said it was very uncommon for the patient to be on board with tapering. I knew that instinctively. I got extremely lucky and had 3 surgeries which (to varying degree) reduced my need for meds. I mention all of this in an attempt to give myself standing to say that what this article suggests is gaslighting and bullshit. Tapering is almost never a partnership between doctor and patient. It is almost always the doctor’s wish and it is imposed on the patient whether they consent or not. As I said, my doctor noted at the time how uncommon it was for it to be patient-initiated. I suspect it is quite rare compared to tapers initiated by doctors. It needs to be consensual and truly a mutual decision. Other than that, it is almost exclusive pitiless and a source of great harm to impose. To pretend otherwise, as the article does, is nasty.
  • Wait til they see what economy class on a plane looks like.
  • We need a major rethink of many things. This piece alone highlights the need to get right with non-disclosure clauses, but more importantly, it is time to stop making dehumanization the focus of punishment in favor of elevating humanity.
  • Weirdos are more creative according to a study. They are usually broke as a result according to me.
  • I am just a novice on these things, but it seems like the policy studied couldn’t have been decided on with settled science eh?
  • I want rewilding and the restoration of the natural world for its own sake – global warming or not. I want animals treated humanely for its own sake – global warming or not. We cannot deprive future generations of the natural world. Other ideas are fine, but pandemic prevention is done for those living now as much as anything. We have obligations beyond those alive now.
  • Damn.
  • Looks like all those dytopian movies they showed kids in the 70s were more right than wrong. That sucks because those movies all terrified me.
  • I can’t pretend I have a lifetime of service in the cause – not by a long shot – but I have enough creds from other parts of the drug war to slip comfortably into a one-dimensional weed booster. Seeing states simply equate pot with revenue isn’t something we should allow so easily – when they say this shit, they completely gloss over even the pretense of health concerns! The default story now is that weed is fine and the revenue from wider use is of great benefit to society! That isn’t what the feds say? They aren’t all that far off the old canard that there is NO medical use for weed in any way, in any dimension, at any time. When a state governor pays not one whit of attention to that and says more use means more societal benefit, then it is surely time to put the drug war to bed for good. They aren’t even trying at this point.