With No Real Power Comes No Real Responsibility

There are quite a few medical angles in the death of George Floyd. One I will save for later is the reports of Fentanyl being in his body (why release info that at all? did they assume he had no Rx?) The other med angle comes from the above. The evils of framing literally could not be clearer. Framing allows you to say true, but irrelevant, things specifically to the exclusion of more relevant (and usually sought) truths. We need to get this out of our society. We have to get it out now. Shaming those doing this kind of bad-faith obfuscation probably gains us the most ground most quickly, but that is akin to sowing the wind. It simply makes tyrants out of different people.
What is clear to me is that we have to make the next steps forward together. We all have to come along. We have to decide as a nation that we are going to undertake specific action explicitly to nullify the further normalization of racism. Anti-racism is the minimum standard for us to be a decent nation. It can’t wait another minute. There are many injustices needing to be addressed, and some times, the rights of one group comes into conflict with the rights of others. The standard we use to navigate these instances is not that no one’s rights can be violated! The standard we use is that we provide relief to the party bearing the greatest burden. Black people in America are carrying the greatest burden and long have been in almost any instance you can think. They need to be given immediate relief. They need the burden taken off their back. The world has many other crisis that need addressing, but that come at the expense of our focus on the issues facing blacks. They shouldn’t be asked to deal with this shit one more day for any reason. The old ways have to go and stay gone.
I will be working on this issue side-by-side with my usual fare. I am amazed at how often they seem to intersect. Throw in the COVID arc, and this is likely going to be a very busy summer for me. Sadly, this summer should be much busier for all of us, yet I fear we will get more of the usual arguing, deflecting, avoidance, projection, indifference, selfishness, and victim-blaming/shaming. All that shit isn’t gonna work this time. None of the usual shit is gonna work. None of it SHOULD work. In many areas we have allowed nasty people to ruin our institutions and tell us otherwise. We are done with that shit. I am. Those being oppressed don’t carry the same responsibilities here that the beneficiaries of the oppression do, and I benefit. I have to get myself right on these things before I want to get the wagging finger out. To be sure, I don’t have everything sorted out, but no one else really does either (or we wouldn’t be in this mess, now would we.) I can live with imperfections in planning more easily than I can deliberate ignorance of the problem because these bad people operate in the open – unrepentant. Their work is well documented for everyone to see. We need to all start seeing it and saying NO.